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Our services

We focus on teaching Traditional Karate Do classes, promoting physical and mental development to forge a strong and resilient spirit that transcends the Dojo and only the practice of the discipline.

Weekly Karate Do Classes

We train Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. and we will soon open larger training windows to increase the training frequency of our Students.

Physical Preparation oriented to Karate Do

Physical training focused on the development of proper body balance, powerful breathing, an understanding of which are the key parts of the body that give the power required to be a powerful practitioner.

Karate Do Classes for Advanced

Training only for Advanced belts (1 Kyu onwards) to reinforce the most complex techniques and maintain the validity of our Senpais (instructors) in teaching the discipline.

Practice at the OGKK Yuetsu Chile Branch Dojo Association

Being a member of OGKK Kiritsu Dojo Chile will give you access to know all the other Dojos associated with Yuetsu Chile Branch Dojo since the great objectives are not achieved alone.

Karate Do Classes
A normal Karate Do class
Brotherhood in Karate Do
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Taller 13 Abril Defensa Personal

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OGKK Gasshuku Hirata Sensei May 2024

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